REGISTRATION CLOSED … Thank you to everyone who registered for our events. We are closing registration for the 2019 Farmers’ Market and Ridgeway Summer Festival.

Vendors who wish to be placed on a waiting list for 2020 can request this.

Registrations are now open for Ridgeway Fall Festival, Saturday, October 5, 2019 (click here)

Ridgeway Farmers Market:

Ridgeway Summer Festival:



.Ridgefest 2018




Saturday, July 6 & Sunday, July 7, 2019


PLEASE NOTE: Successful applicants will be contacted by RBIA officials to confirm their participation.

VENDOR AGREEMENT: All vendors must complete the Ridgeway Summer Festival Application and review the Terms of Agreement. Upon accepting the terms of agreement and submitting the application this contract becomes binding. Registration Fees must be received prior to attendance of the 2018 Ridgeway Summer Festival. Please pay careful attention to the deadlines. Last Chance to register: June 22, 2019.

Vendors agree to rent space for the duration of the Ridgeway Summer Festival and abide by the Terms and Conditions outlined below. Please note that once submitting this application payment is due in full prior to the festival. No refunds will be issued.

1) Liability — Vendor agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the Ridgeway Summer Festival (hereafter referred to as RSF), the Town of Fort Erie, the Ridgeway Business Improvement Area (hereafter as the RBIA), its planning committee, officers and employees from all claims, losses, costs, damages or expenses resulting or arising from any and all injuries to or death of any person or damage to any property caused by an act, omission or neglect of Vendor’s agents, employees, invitees, contractors, or guests which occur in or about the Vending Space. Vendor agrees to use and preoccupy the Vending Space at Vendor’s own risk, and hereby releases RSF, the Town of Fort Erie, the Ridgeway BIA, its planning committee, officers, employees and invitees from all claims for any damage, loss or injury to persons or property to the full extent permitted by law occurring in or about the Vending Space, including, but not limited to damages, resulting from the acts of other Vendors, theft, vandalism, fires and other casualty damage or damage arising from any defects in the premises. It is the sole responsibility of vendors to ensure exhibits are deemed safe and free of any hazards.

2) Food Vendor Insurance – ALL Food Vendors must be insured for liability and provide proof of coverage before confirmation to participate in the RSF is confirmed. Therefore, Food Vendors must supply the RSF with a certificate of insurance naming the Ridgeway BIA and the Town of Fort Erie as additional insured for the dates of  July 5–7, 2019.

3) Food Vendor Compliance with Law – All Food Vendors, their agents, employees, or assignees shall comply with all rules, regulations and requirements regarding fire, health and municipal government. Food vendors must submit to The Niagara Regional Public Health their special events form and comply with The Town of Fort Erie Fire Department check list (Follow the attached link – 2019 RBIA RSF Fire Department Requirements Summer Festival).

4) Non-Profit Vendor Compliance – For the sale of lottery or raffle tickets a copy of the group’s Lottery License must be provided to the RSF prior to the festival.

5) Vending Space – Limited electrical hookups are available during the RSF. Please advise the RSF and note on Vendor Application Form should you require electrical hookup. Exhibits will not exceed dimensions on application form. Vendors may not exhibit any material deemed offensive or objectionable, to the adjacent or surrounding Vendors, or to the festival as a whole.

6) Space Assignments – RSF will assign booths in all cases. However, in every case the choice of RSF will be based on the special needs of vendors and compatibility of other exhibitors. The RSF reserves the right to rearrange or renumber the site plan, and/or relocate any exhibit if it appears in the general good of all exhibitors. Space sharing is strictly prohibited.

7) Vendor Set Up – Event hours for the RSF are from 8:00 am – 4:00 pm for street vendors. All vendors must be set up between 6:00 am-8:00 am. Vendors who fail to comply will forfeit their spot in the RSF and will not be entitled to a refund. No early take downs are permitted.

PLEASE NOTE: All Vendors must supply their own structure and exhibit tables, and must be located under a tent or shelter. The structure must be confined within the 10 x 10 Vending Space. Vendors are strictly prohibited from using pegs in the Vendor Space. Only alternative materials (blocks) are acceptable to use.

Food Vendors are confined to a 10 x 30 vending space with a 5 foot allowance for awnings or canopies in front of their trucks or trailers. Larger food vendors please make note in the note section and the Event Coordinator will contact you to make arrangements.


The RSF does not accept cash. Payments must be received by the deadlines listed below. If payment is not received by the deadline, your space will be forfeited and given to someone else.   Cheques, Money Orders or E-Transfers are the accepted methods. Return your application form with payment to:  Ridgeway Business Improvement Area (RBIA) re: Summer Festival Vendor, P.O. Box 766, Ridgeway, Ontario LOS 1NO

E-Transfers: Payment by e-transfers should be sent to

When the transfer is done, please email the same address with the answer to the security question.  When the transfer has been accepted an email will be sent back.  If you don’t receive an email after a couple days, the transfer has likely not been completed, so follow up with Tracy by email or 289-321-0548.


Please review all of the above and ensure all employees working at the Ridgeway Summer Festival are familiar with these terms.

NB: Should you require hydro at your site, there will be an additional $25 Fee.

Acceptance of your application is subject to availability. You will be contacted with confirmation of acceptance.

By clicking the ‘submit’ button attached to this application (see below), you acknowledge having read, understand, and agree to abide by the foregoing Terms of Agreement for the Ridgeway Summer Festival.





Deadline: April 1, 2019


Deadline: June 8, 2019


Deadline: June 22, 2019

ARTISAN $160      $180 $210
COMMERCIAL (2 DAYS) $275 $300 $325
COMMERCIAL (1 DAY) $225 $250 $275
DIRECT SALES $225 $250 $275
FOOD (LOCAL) $380 $420 $440
FOOD (OUT OF TOWN) $490 $520 $550
FOOD (SINGLE ITEM) $280 $310 $350
WINE & BEVERAGE $280 $310 $350
NOT-FOR-PROFIT $60 $80 $110
ADD HYDRO $25 $25 $50